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Hiker’s Café & Stand 10

Featuring Perry’s Ice Cream

No day in the park is complete without a visit to the Hiker’s Café. Grab a quick snack, cold soda or hot cocoa. Wanting for something a little more decadent? How about a hand-scooped sugar cone full of Perry’s Ice Cream!

Hiker’s Cafe features grab ‘n’ go options – perfect for the day hiker or those just looking for a relaxing respite in a casual atmosphere.

Hiker’s Café is located just inside the east entrance of the Bear Mountain Inn on the first floor (nearest to the parking kiosk).

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday – 11am–3pm
Saturday and Sunday – 10am–5pm

Stand 10

Located near the entrance to the picnic groves, Stand 10 is a landmark concession stand that serves a popular mix of delicious burgers, kosher hot dogs, french fries and ice cream. It has all the perfect snacks and grab ‘n’ go options for families and hikers heading to and from exploring Bear Mountain State Park.

Open seasonally when weather permits.